ZAYER makes a large attraction display in Germany

After a fruitful year for ZAYER, with our campaign for fast delivery machines, in this edition we have closed the year with high colors. In parallel, we have achieved four objectives:

1. Presentation in Germany of the new bed type machine, ZERO model.

The ZERO is our most recently launched CNC milling machine or horizontal and vertical machining
center. It is one of the most dynamic and precise bed type on the market and, thanks to its performance characteristics and innovative design, acceptance at the fair has been spectacular. Without a doubt, seeing a ZERO 4000 machine installed working live has been a great attraction. A
large percentage of walk-ins have been due to the interest generated in the exhibition.


The machine has performed live calibration and rapid head compensation through different automatic cycles. We have shown live how the iCAL Nx App verifies and adjusts the angular positions of the heads, achieving maximum precision.

2. Exhibition of our most awarded Gantry Milling Machine, AETOS.

The AETOS won a sustainability award in 2021 and an Innovation Award in 2022. We chose this AETOS 3000 to represent one of our star product ranges, the Gantry milling machines with moving bridge, fixed table and fixed cross beam. Without a doubt, it has been the other great attraction of the fair.


He has made a DEMO simulating the machining of a complex automotive part, provided by our
customer AUDI. It has shown how our Gantry machines, with an automatic 45º head, 360,000
positions and machining in 5 axes, allow this type of parts to be machined with great dynamics.

3. Promotion of our fleet of fast delivery machines.

Without a doubt, the expectation generated by the machines at the exhibition has been key. This, together with the promotional campaign for orders placed at the fair, has meant that the activity did not stop at any time, with a significant attendance of new customers.


Stand ZAYER at EMO 2023

The fair has resulted in the closing of several orders, so we are happy with the result! To consult our rapid delivery machines you can enter here:

4. Election of the new agent for Turkey

Fairs are the perfect environment to create collaboration networks and commercial associations and, for ZAYER, in the midst of expanding its commercial network, it is key to consolidate its network. Furthermore, the commercial network must respond reliably to our values and the business vision that we maintain, offering quality technical assistance and transferring the range of products and ZAYER technology to the market. Without a doubt, CLASS CNC is a Machine Tool distributor that more than meets these requirements and its election as ZAYER representative in Turkey is great news.

Based in Bursa, Turkey, CLASS CNC imports and markets machines used in sectors such as automotive, aerospace and molds. Especially in the machinery sector, where it provides advanced technology products and services, with high-level engineering. Its location and contact information are as follows:
Alaaddinbey Mah. 614th St.
No:12A/B Ünlü Plaza 2
Nilüfer / Bursa
+90 224 504 64 30

Finally, we have strengthened our relationship with clients, potential interested parties and with the entire network, as manufacturers of Advanced and High Technology Machine Tools. We close our participation in the EMO fair with great satisfaction and plans for the following editions.

ZAYER Team en la EMO 2023

¡See you next time!