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At ZAYER, we are committed to sustainable development and environmental protection. For this reason, we have incorporated eco-design measures into our machines to reduce their environmental impact and increase their energy efficiency. Below, we present a detailed argument for these measures and how they benefit our customers and the planet.


Circular design tries to create more sustainable machines from the beginning of the design to the end of its life. This not only benefits the environment, but also our customers.


The long useful life of our machines is our greatest guarantee of sustainability, avoiding the generation of technological waste, and its serious impact on the environment.


Through ecodesign we reduce the energy consumption and maintenance of each machine during its operational life, resulting in an improvement in costs and an increase in productivity for our clients.


Our firm commitment to the implementation of ecodesign measures seeks to improve the sustainability and efficiency of our products and processes.

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To show the benefits that ECODESIGN brings, we show a "deconstruction" of the machine, extracting the elements in which we have reduced the greatest environmental impact:

1 MAINTENANCE 4.0 Remote access Predictive profile Online assistance
2 GREEN ENERGY 30% photovoltaic energy 62% of consumption without CO2 Sustainable mobility
3 RAW MATERIAL 90% machine - continuous casting Excellence in materials Local product, km 0
4 SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY Topological optimization using FEM Extended shelf life Modularity of elements
5 CONSUMABLES MANAGEMENT Minimal lubrication Long-term lubrication Optimized cooling
6 DRIVE SYSTEMS Automatic disconnection of mechanisms Emergency / saving / standby function More efficient engines


Our ecodesign strategy seeks to make each machine more sustainable, from the moment it is designed to the end of its useful life.

Ecodesign in machine tools

The ecodesign criteria that we apply to our machines have made them more competitive and sustainable, significantly reducing their environmental impact. ZAYER is a benchmark in the field of circular economy within the national machine tool sector.

ZAYER's environmental strategies

Our environmental strategy is not limited to reducing the impact of our processes from the moment we design the machine until we deliver it, but also that ZAYER investigates, analyzes and innovates creating positive solutions for the use of the machine, its maintenance and the end of its life. life, facing a perspective of global climate challenge.

General figures

We have reduced and we are looking for a way to further reduce the environmental impact of our processes, but also of each machine, throughout its entire life cycle.


ZAYER's design, manufacturing and distribution processes pollute less than ever:


ZAYER machines generate a much lower environmental impact:

Casting the material locally and using circular sources, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 874,500 kg/year.

We have reduced the displacement of technical personnel and raw materials, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels by more than 27,000 kg.

We have reduced factory waste by 50% and applied its reuse by 20%.

We have eliminated the consumption of water and gas from all machines.

Thanks to the new photovoltaic installation, we provide up to 360 kW of green energy to the grid.

We have eliminated lead from our electrical & electronic equipment.

Km 0 purchase strategy

We prioritize the acquisition of materials and components from local suppliers to reduce emissions associated with the transport of goods. This also encourage the economic development of the region and allows us to maintain more rigorous control over the quality of the materials used.

High quality cast material

We use materials from circular sources in the manufacture of our machine tools.

Our machines are, in turn, practically entirely recyclable, thus promoting the circular economy and reducing the generation of waste.

This also contributes to the reduction of our carbon footprint and the responsible use of natural resources.

Extended shelf life

We apply topological optimization techniques and finite element analysis to reduce the environmental footprint of our machines. We create more precise machines against changes in ambient temperature, reducing the need for air conditioning systems.

Interchangeable design

Thanks to our modular design, the elements are compatible and interchangeable between various machine models. In this way, we drastically reduce maintenance times and guarantee a longer useful life.

Predictive algorithms

We have incorporated predictive algorithms into our machine tools to anticipate possible failures or maintenance needs. This allows our customers to schedule preventive maintenance interventions, reducing downtime and minimizing environmental impact.

Passive thermal insulation systems

We have incorporated passive thermal insulation systems in our machine tools to maintain volumetric precision and prevent component deformation due to temperature variations. These systems do not require additional energy for their operation, which results in lower energy consumption and greater efficiency in the production process.

More efficient engines

We have implemented high-efficiency motors in our machine tools, which allows for lower energy consumption and greater durability. These motors reduce energy and maintenance costs, resulting in a faster return on investment for our customers.

Energy saving features

Our machines have energy-saving features such as automatic standby mode and optimization of energy use based on production needs. These functions allow lower energy consumption and therefore a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Remote Assistance 4.0

We offer remote assistance to our clients through our HORUS NX platform, to quickly solve technical problems without the need to send specialized technicians. This reduces CO2 emissions associated with transport and allows faster resolution of incidents.

Minimal lubrication

NOur minimal lubrication systems reduce the consumption of oil and other lubricants, which reduces waste generation and environmental impact.

Lifelong lubrication

We have implemented lifetime greasing solutions on many mechanisms, eliminating the need for periodic greasing and reducing resource consumption and waste generation.


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We work with the challenge of reducing the environmental impact of our machines

“We are committed to developing technological solutions that not only boost efficiency and productivity, but also minimize the consumption of resources and reduce the ecological footprint.”


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