AISYS INDUSTRIAL is a leading tool manufacturer in Brazil. The company targets industries such as aeronautics, automotive and the energy industry. It is located in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil and will soon celebrate 35 years in business.


Initially, in the 1990s the company was dedicated to performing maintenance work but over time Aisys refocused its activity and specialized in the production of large parts and components.

«We acquired much larger machines. On the one hand, we have the two ZAYER bed type machining centers (the first one was acquired in 2015). In addition, our industrial park has five vertical (2.5 m diameter) and horizontal lathes, with driven tooling and 10 five-axis machining centers, some with high-precision dynamic machining,» Agnaldo Morales, director of Aisys says.

In this hand, it is worth mentioning a differential of Aisys, we have our own engineering and design team. We develop tooling, precision equipment and machined products. Including assembly jigs, welding and assembly devices.


The company has recently expanded its production capacity with the installation of a ZAYER fixed bed machining center.

It is the KAIROS V5 11000, with five simultaneous axes and 11 m of stroke.

«This is our second machine of this model. It is a differentiated, versatile machine that offers head change, has 61 kW of power and 5 simultaneous axes. With a platen field of 10 meters and stroke of 11 x 4 x 2 m», says Agnaldo Morales.

According to the executive, the main objective with the new machine is to meet the demand for large parts, especially in the energy sector. «Orders in this sector have had a lull in recent months, but we know they will pick up again soon,» he says. «The market is improving, we can already see some signs of recovery,» he says. «In our assessment, the energy, aerospace and automotive sectors have a lot of growth potential for 2024 and 2025, especially aerospace, due to the new programs that are emerging.»

Looking ahead, Morales expects an increase in orders from the hydroelectric sector. According to him, plants are currently being renovated and several hydroelectric plants are in the process of being modernized. He also sees good prospects for the production of hydraulic components and large parts for the agricultural and construction machinery industry. «We are working to become more competitive for this sector,» he explains.

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