Leading Spanish companies in the Machine Tools have launched the MTPRINT project. In particular ZAYER, ONA EDM, IZADI Mecanizados, IMH, IBARMIA, and AFM, along with consultancy Grunver Sostenibilidad and support from IHOBE have made a leap in their commitment to sustainability. The project aims to develop a Corporate Carbon Footprint calculation tool specifically for the sector. In a word, it will address decarbonization challenges from a comprehensive and internationally aligned perspective.

The heart of MTPRINT is focused on creating an advanced tool for  managing the Corporate Carbon Footprint


The tool is tailored exclusively to the machine-tool market and will incorporate an analytical approach based on the full life cycle of products, from raw material extraction to their eventual recycling or final disposal. Besides, its methodology will include detailed analyses of greenhouse gas emissions at each stage, allowing a practical and precise assessment of the environmental footprint. Moreover, this tool will stand out for relating results at the product level, offering the specific emissions of each manufactured machine.

This scientific and detailed approach is crucial for identifying critical emission points and improvement opportunities in manufacturing processes and supply chains. The tool will be aligned with major international sustainability standards, such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) and ISO 14064.

ZAYER’s commitment to decarbonization aims to innovate and lead in an increasingly environmentally conscious market.

With the collaboration of major market leaders, this project reflects a genuine commitment to environmental responsibility, emphasizing that ZAYER, together with them, advances towards descarbonization. 


Innovation and environmental efficiency are not only desirable but essential for the future.