LAMUCE is a leading industrial engineering company located in Tudela (Navarra). They design and machine, as well as making personalized special machines, covering their entire construction line, from the conception of the original idea and its design, to its implementation. LAMUCE acquires two KAIROS machines.

From its headquarters, the team works in a 4,600 m² plant equipped with seven overhead cranes with a load capacity of 40 Tn. It currently differentiates itself in the world of machining by manufacturing large components, which requires the economic capacity to carry out investments and periodically renew the means of production.

We interviewed David Lafuente, Manager of LAMUCE.

Thank you for granting us this interview, David. We would like to analyse the needs that led LAMUCE to purchase two KAIROS machines. How would you define the current situation of LAMUCE?

«LAMUCE has been specializing in the manufacture of custom machinery for some years. They are turnkey projects where we advance multiple custom design and manufacturing, automation and robotization applications, responding to the demand of different industrial branches. To achieve this, we remain at the forefront of technological production and the latest available electronics. This is a race that never ends, it is necessary for the team to remain constantly trained to stay up to date with the latest advances and thus always offer the most innovative products. On the other hand, we manufacture large components on demand. Hand in hand with the large machine we have grown in manufacturing capacity, managing to manufacture increasingly larger pieces.»

«Previously we reached pieces of 4 m and now we have moved on to pieces of 10 -12 m. We have also improved in metrology. Acquiring control means such as the Laser Tracker gives us the possibility of measuring the pieces point by point. As we have specialized in large pieces, ensuring that the piece is within the geometry is a great advantage over the competition. We carry out our own quality controls on the piece. For all this, the company has for a few years promoted a technical machining office, with CAM programming positions.»


The markets in which LAMUCE operates

«Nowadays, the majority are metallurgical companies whose quality requirements have grown over time, becoming more and more demanding. We have also gotten into
sectors such as aeronautics, oil & gas, aerospace or windmill. We are talking about unitary pieces, very customized, that are machined according to technical drawings.»

Describe what role our KAIROS 12000 Milling Machine plays in the production you carry out.

«The KAIROS 12000 milling machine, 7 axes, allows us to machine large, complex pieces with high precision requirements. The best example is the machining of large parts such as the recent work carried out for the aerospace sector. It is a machine that works in 3 shifts, performing key operations for our activity, thanks to the travels that the machine offers us: X 12000 / Y 1600 / Z 4000 mm.

The truth is that it doesn’t stop, since the machine is so big, with a single clamping we can machine the entire piece. A typical operation can last from 15 hours of work to 30- 40 hours. Before these operations were impossible in LAMUCE.»


KAIROS solves all needs. 

«We have already commented on the size and travel of the machine, which are the main thing. But we must also mention the 5 axes, since the KAIROS can work in 1 batch from all the necessary angles. We have the X-Y-Z axes, to which we must add the 4th axis, which is given to us by the rotary table. Finally, the rotary table, which has a displacement of 1,500, gives us a 5th axis. Of course, the 6th and 7th, thanks to the multi- angle head, positioned every 0.001º, which offers us greater differentiation.»

«This gives us the possibility of having even greater mobility around the piece. This way
we can machine really large parts without having to move them. This represents a
saving in machining times of between 30% and 40%.»


What additional benefits would you highlight?

«The machine comes equipped with several heads, including the 45º head 360,000 positions, as well as a 2500 × 2500 mm rotary table with linear displacement and a load capacity of 30 tons. The equipment includes the option of pendulum work as well as the automatic head and tool changer.

These equipment give us versatility and flexibility when working, being able to machine on one part of the table, while we prepare the next part on the other side. Additionally, as the machine is 12 meters long, we can machine 3 pieces in a row: I put one piece on the rotary table, another piece on the fixed table below, and the third piece on top of the squares, performing the work one after the other, pendulum work. We remove the separation screen and that’s it.»

«Other times we have the machine divided to machine on one side and protect the
operator who is working on the other side. The possibility of placing squares on the 9-
meter fixed table and machining on the squares, vertically, is very advantageous.

All this versatility has been key for LAMUCE and has opened many more doors for us, now we are not going to be left behind, we want to continue evolving and be the


«Apart from the advantages, I would highlight the precision and reliability, which are very high, without losing the benefits that all ZAYER machines provide, which are rigidity and power

Do you use any app that you can highlight?

«Our machine goes with the maximum package, except turning plate it has everything. I
would highlight the iCAL app. Also the “piece alignment” app: it centers all the points of the 5 axes. This allows you to practically position the piece where you want and does not force you to center it, but rather the machine aligns itself to the piece. It saves a lot of time, since you practically leave the pieces finished. It allows you to put in 2-3 pieces at a time and the machine finishes one, then goes to the second and then the third, lining up on each one of them.

Which services that we offer at ZAYER does LAMUCE use?

«At LAMUCE we carry out very occasional maintenance, but the one we do carry out is when we close the company. The machine stops and we take the opportunity to do a tune-up. For the rest, the remote assistance that ZAYER offers us is very convenient, we highlight that both the after-sales and maintenance service is very good.


The great news is that LAMUCE has decided to invest in another KAIROS, of 15 m.

«The new KAIROS has somewhat larger dimensions, it is 15 m and offers a vertical travel of 5 m. It will have a 2.5 x 2.5 m rotary table, with a displacement of 1,700. Thanks to such a large table, we will have a lot of travel in X so we will be able to machine large pieces. Furthermore, the machine never stops; Even when we finish on one side, the KAIROS continues active machining on the other. Works 24/7/365.»

«Thanks to this we will double our production capacity in large pieces, which will mean an approximate increase in turnover of 25%. For its installation we have invested in civil works that adapt to the dimensions of the machine, advised by ZAYER experts, and thus we will work at ground level.»

¡So good news, David!

Without a doubt, the best sign is that you have decided to acquire the second KAIROS; Seeing the progress of the work, it will soon be working at full capacity and you will thus have a tandem of two KAIROS in action.

Congratulations and thank you for your time!