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The APP FAST MACHINE PROTECTION is an intelligent application developed by ZAYER that detects collisions and reacts in micro-seconds to stop the machine and minimise damage. This application also controls machining vibrations. It can be implemented in all new ZAYER machines.

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Ultra fast protection

  • + All types of operations
  • + All types of tools
  • + All types of heads
  • + All types of industries
  • + Head protection
Save time and effort
Increase productivity and efficiency
Guarantee and trust

Functionality This exclusive ZAYER APP provides automatic protection in the event of collision.

  • Monitors vibration during the process
  • Minimises machine damage
  • Prevents tools from breaking
  • Prolongs head useful life

Exclusive development

Patented by ZAYER
  • Developed by ZAYER certificate
  • Compatible with all ZAYER heads
  • Tested and developed with the customer
  • On-site implementation and training service
“This app provides ideal protection in all types of machining, especially when using heads with electrospindles”

Koldo Beitia, Project Manager

Contract Fast Machine Protection by ZAYER

Contact us to purchase and install the APP in your ZAYER machine. Our technology experts will get in touch to streamline the process.

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  • An APP that automates the operation
  • All the machining tests required to certify operation feasibility
  • The training needed to implement it in your machine
  • On-site service

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