CNC milling machines and machining centers for the aeronautic industry: molding tools for invar, landing gear, turbines, fuselage components.


CNC milling machines and machining centers with different configurations that allow the integration of rotary tables, fixed tables and different heads in order to assure our customers the highest quality in machined parts and save time by pendular working systems. Capable machines of machining completely large structural parts from the roughing process up to the semifinishing and finishing.


CNC milling machines and machining centers that guarantee high productivity and reliability in the production process of components such as rails, cross rails, frames, and structural elements.


CNC milling machines and Machining Centers, designed for the machining of large components. Thanks to flexibility and design Zayer can offer machining solutions in moving column machines with longer travels, as well as in Gantry and Bridge type machines with higher vertical capacity and wider tables and distances between columns.


CNC milling machines and machining centers, thanks to our building design, can offer our customers comprehensive solutions for the manufacture of large structural elements of the hydroelectric sector highlighting, as example, the manufacture of turbines, Pelton, Francis and Kaplan types.


CNC milling machines and machining centers, designed to offer our customers multifunctional solutions that combine in the same machine, milling, boring and turning operations, reducing the clamping times, improving accuracy and reducing costs.


Milling machines and machining centers designed to offer machining solutions for the manufacture of molds and dies mainly for the automotive sector. Machines that allow to incorporate differents heads with automatic change in order to make the roughing, semi-finished and finished operations, saving time and warranting more productivity time by means of models that allow multiple operations in one clamping.