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ZAYER has been manufacturing milling machines and milling centers in Vitoria- Gasteiz with the highest quality and most advanced technology. We provide our customers the best value with the continuous development of new technologies and customised solutions adapting to their needs.

The origins of the company date back to the early years of the 1950s when after 2 years of intensive work gave rise to the first milling machine models with a knee type. Progressive business growth resulted in us moving to Betoño in 1957, where our first high-capacity facilities where built, result of what is now ZAYER.

We expanded our facilities in 2010 to increase our capacity to build machines of 13 m high til crane level. Nowadays we are more than 150 people forming this great team, working at the Headquarters which is spread over 20,000 m2.


Over the years ZAYER has created machines with the highest technological, efficiency and precision capabilities on the market and has been a benchmark for the satisfaction of operating them with high standards of dynamism, control and productivity. Technological research and development are key activities and a distinguishing feature of our business, which is why our machines stand out from the rest. We are a leading brand in state-of-the-art technology for machining and milling.

Export activity

The entrepreneurial activity we adopted led us to export our first milling machine to Brazil in 1954. Since then, the increase in export volume has reached over 70% of total production.

Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Austria, Turkey, Brasil, China, India, USA, Mexico and Canada are our markets, where we introduce and implement our machining solutions.

This global presence is supported by an extensive sales network with own offices in Italy, Brazil and China.

In addition, distributors and agents with highly skilled customer service teams provide continuous assistance to our customers in over 40 countries.

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Our style

Our style has defined us throughout all these years as a company that guarantees high added value, technological and high quality machining solutions.

Our commitment to the customer makes us develop customized solutions, ensure the highest quality with the most demanding standards and develop the most advanced technology to apply it in every machine we offer.

This is the key of being a leader in milling technologies.

R+D+I (Research+Development+Innovation)

We participate in international R+D+i projects to innovate in technology through collaboration with leading research centres. In addition to these projects, at ZAYER we dedicate 10% of our staff to internal R&D projects.

Our R&D teams are made up of engineers, designers and programmers. They are experts in machining technologies and focused on always offering advanced solutions to the challenges and requirements of our customers.

ZAYER R+D+i Awards

Our profesionals

We count on skilled professional that – with the latest equipment- made from the design and the careful production and accurate assembly of the models up to a personalized technical assistance.

We are proud to say that our staff constitute an unbeatable guarantee of the overall quality of each of our products.

With a view to maintaining our characteristic level of leadership and guaranteeing the high quality of our products, we boast the market’s finest production equipment, including ZAYER bridge and gantry type milling machines.

Quality and Service Policy

Behind our reliable, renowned, high calibre production equipment, there is a quality control department that tests and checks all our products on the basis of international regulations.

The use of cutting-edge methods and apparatus for the purposes of quality control guarantees the finest results and constitutes the cornerstone of our total-quality policy.

Our customer service reflects our unique concept of quality.

Our customers are safe in the knowledge that immediate, effective, professional technical support is available to them at all times, for each and every one of the products that we supply.

The constant search for quality, using the best and most modern production processes, has allowed ZAYER to obtain the UNE ISO 9001 certificate since 1996.

Sustainability and Environment

We are aware of the need to protect the environment, reason for which we are involved in different projects to achieve sustainable technology and create productive environments that cause minimal environmental impact.

Our way to follow is the manufacturing of more productive, more accuracy and more ecologic milling machines and milling centers by means of the ECO-DESIGN.