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Our HORUS NX services platform provides you with advanced digital solutions to optimize the management and performance of your machines. We adapt to the needs of each machine and help you achieve your goals.


  • · Provide information about the activity performed by the machine.
  • · Report on improvements in production processes.
  • · Ensure the quality of the finished product.


  • · Alert about machine activity at all times.
  • · Monitor machine geometry and health condition.
  • · Carry out predictive maintenance on machines.


  • · Monitor machine productivity
  • · Control production costs of the machine/plant.
  • · Improve machine/plant efficiency


  • · Remote assistance and solutions to incidents on demand.
  • · Direct connection to machine components.


Download the HORUS NX advanced solutions app and connect to the fleet of machines from your smartphone.


You will receive custom alarms and be able to carry out continuous monitoring of your machines from HORUS NX.

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Our experts capture the most important data from your machine on a regular basis and carry out a qualified analysis to provide you with high-value conclusions. This ensures the best mechanical and geometric conditions of your machine, entrust machine supervision to the most experienced experts.

Your machine’s digital fingerprint

We control the digital fingerprint by means of a simple diagnostic cycle to detect any deviation and stay a step ahead of any problem in its early stages.

Supervision of systems

We supervise the most important systems in each machine by checking its condition and making sure that it runs correctly to avoid unexpected downtimes.

Predictive maintenance

We carry out an expert analysis to predict machine performance based on data trends and recommend specific, tailor-made maintenance.

Geometric precision

We carry out periodic precision controls on the machine by running simple diagnostic cycles, thereby ensuring its geometric health condition.

Our know-how

Our experts perform a custom analysis of the date from each machine to provide you with a periodic report on its geometric health condition and warn you of any deviations.

Production control

We process the data and send you regular monitoring reports showing the key performance indicators, verifying logs and trends, tracing the progress of each machine.

Process control

Set your own production and process control goals. The system will provide you with a periodic report on machine progress so you can easily verify the effectiveness of your improvements.


Data, monitoring and analysis

Our HORUS NX services platform obtains data about the machine and monitors its processes to provide a variety of services. Analytics, reports, data comparison and management of alerts and events, all of which can be used to optimize the management and performance of your fleet of machines. Find the solution that works the best for you.

Your machines in real time

Your fleet of machines will be monitored in real time so you can control what is happening at all times from a single centralized location. Set up automatic alerts for events and connect to production.

Advanced statistics

Compare and evaluate how the most common workpiece programs and the most frequently used tools are used. Control all the activities carried out and the machining times to make better decisions.

Analyze machining performance in detail.

View critical variables of your machining process in a simplified recreation of machine activity. Find the points of interest in an interactive 3D view.

Supervise completed work

Control workpiece machining times and machine productivity, thanks to completed work logs and personalized KPIs.

The most relevant alerts and activities.

Quick verification of incidents, alerts and messages from the CNC and PLC to control all the information. Refer to and organize logs for quick identification of the most relevant information.

Consumption of each machine

Control the energy consumed by each machine and each program by monitoring power consumption and peak detection.

Technical assistance, diagnostics and incident solutions.

After receiving authorization we connect remotely to the machine’s numerical control and solve your needs.

Connect to your fleet of machines from a smartphone

Receive customized reports , while the system monitors the machines connected to HORUS NX.

Prepare tailor-made settings and analysis of a variety of monitoring signals

We extract personalized indicators from the machine’s sensors to analyze its performance. We enter these data into interactive charts to display the relevant information so it is simple and easy to understand.

Custom and personalized setup.

Use the control panel to set up your own KPIs and reports with ease and adapt them to your needs.

Excellent connectivity and online security, tested and reviewed by our experts.

We provide an API tool kit so you can securely connect all the HORUS NX data with any management software: ERP, MES, GMAO, etc. The possibilities are unlimited.


Discover why HORUS NX is the solution for you. Ensure optimal machine management and hand over prevention, preventive maintenance and supervision to the best experts.

Analysis priorities

We help you focus on information that really contributes value.

Our goal is to increase machine productivity and reduce the economic impact and stress generated by machine downtimes by preventing them.

Personalized sensors

· More than 40 sensors per machine
· Temperature probes
· Pressure sensors
· Linear and rotary encoders
· Power, flow and movement measuring devices.

In depth data

· Unlimited data, with the HORUS license
· Monitors up to 200 parameters/seg
· Always available
· Personalized indicators
· Integration of data from other applications

Know-how expertise

· We prioritize 20% of the data for decision-making
· The remaining 80% are organized and made easy to understand
· Designed with ZAYER vision and know-how and developed with Vixion software.


· Customizable indicators, reports, services and tailor-made solutions.
· Highly scalable to a large variety of equipment.

Cloud / On-Premise

Implemented in both the Cloud and On-Premise.

We generate value and results

“Personalized reports and tailor-made analyses allow companies to take control and optimize the performance of their machines to the utmost”.
Fernando ArocenaGeneral Manager


Get in touch with the Digital Solutions team and our experts will contact you. If you wish, you can detail the solutions you are looking for.

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