ZAYER is promoting a new R&D&i project in conjunction with a powerful business consortium.

Integral Software Factory, Integral Innovation Experts, ZAYER, ONA Electroerosión, Industrias Puigjaner and Industrias David team up to launch a new research project, called EGIDA (Augmented Digital Intervention and Management Strategy – Estrategia de Gestión e Intervención DigitalAumentada). This project seeks to respond to the needs of  Spanish manufacturers of semi-customised industrial products, which are approaching servitisation as a mechanism of excellence.

The main purpose of the project is the application of “Digital Threading” techniques to digitise and interconnect tools, products, services and processes.

This will enable all production processes to be automated in an agile and cost-effective manner, with a single integrated system. This platform will be used to deploy advanced integrated services and solutions based on the Digital Twin, such as Artificial Intelligence and Extended Visualisation (VR-AR). The EGIDA project comprises implementing internal management mechanisms aimed at having a Digital Thread, which will gather and concentrate the complete disciplinary (mechanical, electrical/electronic and software) and vital (IIoT data, updates and services) knowledge of its unique products.

As a result of this research project, the complete digitisation of products and processes is expected to be achieved, bringing all stages of development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service into the digital world. This will reduce product development and manufacturing time and costs and assist people in their decision-making process from a holistic product and process point of view.

Servitisation offers SMEs a distinct advantage in the increasingly competitive and growing marketplace in which they operate.

It allows for recurring and sustainable revenues throughout the product life cycle. The EGIDA project will deploy the first Machine Learning, Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR-AR) solutions based on the twin strategy and digital manufacturing process. Actions will be carried out between 2021 and 2023, with a total budget of €2.8M.

More information on the consortium members:

Integral Innovation Experts: Integral Group is a business group focused on
achieving the digital transformation of industrial companies through Industry 4.0.
The group has more than 25 years of know-how and multidisciplinary
experience in the implementation of technological solutions.
Integral Software Factory: The business unit within Integral Group is
dedicated to the development of in-house solutions to accelerate the digitisation
of companies, adapting to the specific needs of each case.

ZAYER: ZAYER is a machine tool company that has over 70 years of
experience in the manufacture of large milling machines and machining centres,
constantly developing cutting-edge technologies and providing its customers
with the best of its entrepreneurial spirit and innovative capacity.

Industrias Puigjaner: INDUSTRIAS PUIGJANER S.A. ( DENN) is a company founded in 1885 that has specialized in designing and manufacturing machines for metal forming (sheet, tube and billet) using rotational processes for more than 130 years. DENN's philosophy is based on permanent close cooperation with customers to understand their needs, goals, and problems and focus R&D&i activities towards finding specific solutions to market requirements.

Industrias David: Industrias David is a company with more than 45 years of experience in the industry dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and marketing customised, specialised and exceptional agricultural machinery that is increasingly digitised. Its products are geared towards precision, ecological and environmentally friendly agriculture. Its main purpose is to achieve absolute farmer satisfaction, which has enabled it to become a world leader in mechanization solutions of high technological value for particular crops.

ONA: Thanks to 70 years of experience in EDM, ONA is currently the world leader in the manufacture of unique and large EDM machines. As a result of its ongoing commitment to the development of its own technology and its efforts in R&D&i, the company has positioned itself as a benchmark in the industry in terms of sustainability and EDM solutions focused on improving the customer’s business and based on new products and services with a strong digitalization component.


This project is part of the MISIONES programme of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial – CDTI), and thanks to the European funds allocated to the National Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, it will be possible.