Great machining flexibility.

We launch the new milling machine ALTEA, a reduced version of the large THERA, which offers great flexibility in machining without reducing performance and productivity. It is a machine designed for medium size and weight parts that require complex machining. It offers high standards of precision and stability thanks to its casting structure.

It can machine along its 14,000mm longitudinal course and 4,000mm span between uprights, with a ram stroke of 1,100mm. The tool change is automatic from a magazine attached to the column protected against swarf.

It has a 30º head with an electro-spindle, for 5 axis works, with a positioning every 0,001º and continuous rotation, achieving a power of 33kw and a torque higher than 124Nm

The machine offers great ergonomics to provide visibility and accessibility to the operator making it the ideal choice for complex medium size machining in railway and general machining.

Undoubtedly, ALTEA, offers the advantages of the large THERA milling machine in a smaller size and investment.

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