ZAYER invests in Vixion and has become a shareholder, with the goal of integrating data exploitation and the intelligence of its machines into its business.

For its part, the deeptech startup Vixion Connected Factory, backed by TECNALIA, will achieve with this agreement the ability to speed up and provide the company with technical momentum and knowledge.


VIXION CONNECTED FACTORY is a startup supported by TECNALIA that was established at the end of 2017. Since then, it has pursued the goal of bringing technology to the industrial fabric, developing connectivity solutions for industrial machines and production plants, for both manufacturers and users.

VIXION identifies the behavior of machines by tracking their most relevant parameters. It combines real-time signals with historical data, thanks to the know-how acquired over more than a decade of research in machine tools.



For its part, ZAYER has been committed to Industry 4.0 since 2014, investing in its own R&D and collaborating with other relevant sector actors such as research centers. Two years ago, ZAYER connected all its machines to HORUS NX, the advanced and adapted version of the Vixion solution. In this way, Vixion became ZAYER’s 4.0 provider.

Thanks to this commitment, our machining centers and milling machines add intelligence to their historical attributes of precision, robustness, and stability.

Indeed, from its design, we apply an architecture and functionality aimed at improving its efficiency and performance. And the recording, analysis, and application of data allow us to develop increasingly complete machines.



Undoubtedly, ZAYER’s position as a machine tool manufacturer offers advantages to the startup Vixion, providing it with a deep knowledge of the sector. The operation will result in the reinforcement of Vixion’s technology and will consolidate its positioning as a technological partner in the machine tool sector.

On the other hand, for ZAYER, this integration means focusing on data exploitation, conceiving a fleet of increasingly intelligent products, and gradually advancing in the servitization of our business.

Happy to continue advancing in the development of increasingly complete and intelligent machines!