Alliances strategy.

Zayer, within its strategy of alliances in R + D + i, seeks to create a solid network of collaborators with which to face the development of new advanced, innovative and relevant machines for the future.

It is in this strategy that our recent agreement with the Numerical Control division of Mitsubishi Electric for the ARION machine is framed.

CNC Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world leaders in the manufacture and sale of electronic products and systems. It operates in multiple fields, among which industrial automation stands out. On the threshold of its 100th anniversary, the Mitsubishi Electric Group has 108 branches, 74 production plants, 8 R&D centers around the world and 146,500 employees.


At ZAYER we guarantee hyper-segmented solutions with a wide range of milling machines and machining centers that offer specialized machining for multiple sectors: molds, dies, special equipment, high-precision mechanical parts, manufacturing of capital goods, the wind sector, railways, automotive, aeronautics, etc. For this, it is vital to have numerical controls that adapt and facilitate the development and installation of the advanced functions of our machines, as is the case with the ARION bridge type milling machine.


Numerical Control M8 Series

The latest M8 series numerical control developed by Mitsubishi Electric is a clear example of this collaboration.

We are talking about the TOP of range, the M8 series with 5 interpolated axes, simultaneously correlated with the 5-AX functions of the ARION machine.

We offer our customer a renewed and very reliable multitouch screen, with an efficient and intuitive interface (HMI), as well as fast and accurate in the execution of operations. In this case, we have “embedded” the control interface within the keypad developed ad-hoc by ZAYER.


  • High calculation speed, thanks to the M850 CNC processors, which positions you with 30% time savings compared to other products.
  • This calculation speed together with a system of intelligent drives with a very fast current loop, provide a final machining of extremely smooth surfaces, thanks to the Super-Smooth-Surface (SSS) function.
  • To achieve even greater superiority in surface finish quality, the M850 provides the Tolerance Control function that allows the operator to specify the desired dimensional accuracy. The control then interpolates the short segments to be processed to the specified precision.
  • Possibility to integrate with machines that allow automatic head changes: in these cases, the machine has a head magazine with the possibility of being selected by the operator. The change of heads contemplates the deactivation/activation of the axes associated with each one of them, activating at the same time the kinematics associated with each head.
  • Thanks to the 3D Collision Check function, providing this function with the 3D model of the machine, it is able to virtually detect mechanical collisions prior to the execution of the program on the real machine. Thus anticipating and avoiding costly damages that could be caused by unforeseen collisions.
  • In terms of safety for people, thanks to the double CPU that works in redundant mode, we guarantee compliance with the regulations. Typical safety functions such as STO, SS1, SLS, etc. are used, depending on the conditions of interaction with the machine operators. To achieve that, the encoders of the servo motors are all fail-safe as are the remote I / O modules.
  • Another functionality used consists of the Manual Speed ​​Command (MSC) that allows the operator to execute the machining program, in debugging mode, executing step by step the lines of the ISO program (G-code) directly from the steering wheel. In this way, we achieve great agility in the detection of possible errors in the machining of single pieces or the first piece of a series.


In conclusion, the combination of ZAYER’s long experience in the manufacture of machining centers applied to its star ARION bridge machine, with the most cutting-edge technology in CNC from Mitsubishi Electric, culminate in a product expected to have a long and successful future.

We keep moving forward!

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