Great power in action.

We have recently delivered a new KAIROS machine, for a customer in the railway sector. It is a machine designed to perform heavy rough machining and offers great torque and power when machining.

The synergies created between the client and ZAYER for the machining of the parts have allowed an optimal development of qualities that provide a notable advantage in the processes.

This close collaboration between the customer and ZAYER has been a great advantage when it comes to customizing the machine, resulting in a versatile multi-function machining center with multiple high-torque heads. With the head change functionality, customer processes have been automated, leading to an improvement in machining times.

This KAIROS milling machine offers excellent performance with its different heads:

45º head = With a power of 61 kW it is capable of applying a torque of 1830 Nm at 4500 rpm. Rough cutting 72mm x 52mm

L shaped Head with a reduction of 1: 2.29 = With a power of 61 kW it is able to apply a torque of 4191 Nm at 2000 rpm.

These characteristics and the work carried out in conjunction with the client make it the ideal machine for the required objectives of machining capacity and exceptional power. We continue!

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