ZAYER & MITSUBISHI meet at IMTS to strengthen their partnership

Masaru Tashiro, General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric’s Industrial Automation Machinery Marketing Division met with ZAYER at the IMTS show in Chicago last September.

Mr. Tashiro shared his day with some ZAYER executives: Fernando Arocena, General Manager, Maite Ercilla, Project Manager, and Andrew Jennison, CEO at CMS. .

Our General Manager Fernando Arocena exposed Mr. Tashiro ZAYER’s strategic plan to set up in the United States, which is mainly focused on the most sophisticated 5 and 6-axis milling machines.

“The goal is to focus ZAYER’s activity on solving the growing demand for machining large and complex parts for markets such as wind energy, aeronautics and capital goods”.

On the other hand, Maite Ercilla noted Mitsubishi’s CNC expertise, since “… It fits perfectly in our machines …We are very satisfied with the open and collaborative spirit that has been breathed in the workshops where Mitsubishi engineers, together with the guidelines of ZAYER engineers, have the necessary adaptations to optimize CNC integration in the machines”.

Mr. Tashiro remarked his involvement in this growth strategy. “ZAYER is a top-tier European company and we are extremely proud to provide #CNC technology to support you on your path to success,” he said.

Finally Andrew Jennison, CEO of dealer Comprehensive Machinery Solutions, who will be in charge of marketing ZAYER machines in the United States, was very optimistic and excited about the project.

“Our team is dedicated to understanding each customer’s individual requirements and offering specific solutions. From our technology center located in Concord, NH we will perform all testing, process development, and customer training, providing strong support to the market. Mitsubishi has a key presence in the country For customer service support Making this partnership perfect for our market

This is just the beginning, was the sentence they closed the meeting with and which was remarked by all.