ZAYER will participate in the Exhibition of circular products manufactured in Euskadi, “Zirkularrak-Circulares”


It will be held at the Europa Conference Center in Vitoria from September 24 to October 2 and will tour several cities.

The exhibition brings together a wide range of products in the production of which eco-design methodologies have been applied with a life cycle approach and which, therefore, have substantially reduced their environmental impact becoming an example to follow for the entire European industrial sector. 

ZAYER incorporates to the exhibition the results of the AETOS machine, which has been designed under these parameters.

 AETOS is a family of high-speed, high-precision milling machines, designed for machining large parts in various sectors, such as automotive and semiconductors, among others. These machines are characterized by a moving crosshead that incorporates architectural elements such as the catenary curve, which distributes loads optimally on the columns and compensates for thermal deformations. It incorporates passive technologies to reduce energy consumption to ensure maximum precision in any production scenario. We will carry part of one of its heads, as it is one of the most technologically advanced elements of the machine.

The most noteworthy environmental improvements have been:

  • 20% reduction in energy consumption in the use phase.
  • Reduction in the use of materials due to lighter and more resistant structures.
  • Modular architecture based on interchangeable components.