ZAYER is the official sponsor of the CIRP Annual Conference – General Assembly (22-26 August, Bilbao)

It is one of the world’s leading conferences on production engineering, attracting 700 leading international researchers.

The General Assembly of the CIRP is one of the leading conferences on production engineering in the world. It attracts over 700 top of the line international investigators. The CIRP (International Academy for Production Engineering) is the most important international academic benchmark in the world of manufacturing. This is a unique conference, to be held in Spain for the second time since its foundation in 1956 and which will not be repeated for many years to come.

In addition to promoting manufacturing R&D, the assembly serves as an international platform for the exchange of insights between the top players in production engineering and the pursuit of new alliances and to set up venues for collaboration between leading investigators and industrial organisations.

The participants comprise the investigation elite in manufacturing including all the directors of top manufacturing institutes & universities in Germany, Japan, France, Italy and the United States. It is the only event where the best manufacturing specialists from Germany and Japan can be found in the same room.

This conference will serve to strengthen and promote the significant commitment of the region to the field of advanced manufacturing and reveal the worth of the large scenario of players who are constantly working to ensure the growth of our advanced industry and its specific weight in the GNP. It will also show the value of the companies, universities and research centres that work in the field and encourage close collaboration between the local ecosystem and the primary benchmarks in the world of advanced manufacturing investigation.

The assembly has become a key venue for production system experts from all over the world who are at the vanguard of technology.

Moreover, this year will see a new development in attendance after two years of remote participation due to COVID-19; a hybrid format of attendance combining both in-person attendance and streaming of the various lectures. The event will begin on 21 August. The next seven days will cover subjects associated with advanced manufacturing, such as advanced materials and processes, flexible, intelligent and efficient manufacturing systems, energy efficiency and digital and connected manufacturing. There will be 9 master class conferences, two on industrial subject matter and 7 on scientific subjects, as well as 126 scientific lectures covering a wide range of technological aspects, which will reveal the most recent breakthroughs in industrial production, including different approaches and design tools, machines, production processes, tools, metrology and inspection equipment. Work sessions will be held on the various technological areas, as well as general meetings, from the 25th to the 27th.

During the event, ZAYER and Tekniker will present their breakthroughs in the investigation of new manufacturing technologies based on the ARION G multi-purpose machine, which won the National Innovation Award in 2018.

The event is supported by the Basque Government and entities from the territory’s industrial fabric specialised in R&D&i, such as ZAYER, which is committed to expanding the role of manufacturing in the economy with the aim of consolidating industrial employment stability, enhancing the development of cutting edge technological services and optimizing industrial processes.

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